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SF: EQxD "U" Workshop #2 - What's Flex got to do with Success?

What's Flex Got to do with Success? Win-Win Strategies for Work/Life Flexibility

The 2nd EQxD "U" Workshop - What's Flex Got to Do With It? will explore the complexities of making work and life "work" together to fulfill your maximum potential and enjoying the journey along the way.

Inspired by Stew Friedman's book, Leading the Life you want, this workshop will provide a new perspective on how to navigate between the aspects of "life"; work, life, self, and community. Finding a way to achieve "four way wins" also impacts the bottom line by: providing access to a wider talent pool; increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity; and reducing costly employee turnover.

Meanwhile, the architectural profession, driven by the studio culture of academia, commonly demands long, and often unpredictable, hours spent in the office. In this workshop, we will discuss the 3rd rail topics of flex time vs. traditional hours, taking a leave of absence, how to address bias towards those who need or choose to have flexibility of work schedules. We will explore successful strategies for both firm leaders and employees to develop infrastructure that promotes efficiency, balance and performance over the “Culture of Busy”.


Our panel will feature 4 design professionals from diverse backgrounds; at various stages of personal and professional development. All 4 share their insights on the constant dance between work, life and everything in between. Following a summary of key survey findings on work life flexibility and caregiving, we will engage the panelists in an interactive Q&A. The second half of the session will leverage break-out groups to dive deep and propose actionable solutions to the work life flexibility challenges discussed.

Workshop Agenda

  • Networking & Refreshments 6:00-6:15 pm
  • Introductions/ Welcome 6:15-6:25pm
  • Panel Discussion 6:25-7:15pm
  • Break/ Transition 7:15-7:20pm
  • Break-Out Groups/ Storytelling 7:20-8:10pm
  • Report Back on Break-out Groups/ Conclusions 8:10-8:30pm

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