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EQiA Research Project

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Equity is the ethos of our work. It is the ability to recognize difference and provide fair and just access to opportunities. Equity also speaks to collective ownership, vested interest and knowledge of our worth. Equitable practice promotes the recruitment and retention of the most diverse talent while building stronger, successful, sustainable practices. The equitable inclusion of professionals allows us to better represent the people we are meant to serve. Equity is for everyone - architects, design collaborators, clients, and our communities.

The 2016 Equity in Architecture Survey was designed to generate a comprehensive national dataset detailing current positions and career experiences of architecture school graduates. With the assistance of architecture’s national collateral organizations, AIA component chapters, firms, and academic institutions, survey invitations were sent out to a broad cross-section of the profession.  The resulting dataset -- the largest ever collected on equity within the profession --  documents the experiences of 8,664 individuals representing all 50 states and nations on six continents.

The resulting analysis focuses on the differential experiences of professionals based on gender, as well as race and ethnicity. We present two closely related frameworks for understanding how issues of equity impact the lives of architecture school graduates. Career Dynamics explores underlying tensions that persist throughout our professional lives, and the factors that drive career perceptions. Career Pinch Points offers insight into personal and professional milestones that have the tendency to hinder career progression, and influence decisions to leave the field. Throughout our analysis, we’ve examined respondents’ perceptions of key spheres of their professional lives. These perceptions, which we’ve called Metrics of Success, are strongly correlated with behaviors, policies, and environments that increase the likelihood of  satisfying and sustainable careers in architecture for all professionals.