EQiA Research Project

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Research Team 

The Equity in Architecture Survey was conducted by AIASF's Equity by Design Committee, in partnership with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

EQxD Research Committee

  • Annelise Pitts, Associate AIA - Research Chair

  • Rosa Sheng, AIA - EQxD Founding Chair

  • Lilian Asperin, AIA - EQxD Co-Chair

  • Julia Mandel, AIA - EQxD Co-Chair

  • Saskia Denis van-Dijl - EQxD Firms Liaison

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

  • Kendall Nicholson, Director of Research and Information

  • Michael Monti, Executive Director

Infographics: Atelier Cho Thompson, AIA

Interactive Graphics: Paul Ko

EQxD Champions - Equity in Architecture Survey

Funding for ongoing EQxD initiatives is made possible by the AIASF Sustaining Sponsorship program. For a full list of sustaining sponsors, please visit the AIASF Website. In addition to this support, the 2016 Equity in Architecture Survey was made possible by the generous support of our Survey Sponsors. We are grateful for your support!