We encourage everyone to participate in the discussion on this site. However, we do ask that you observe certain "house rules".


We encourage open discussion, that should focus on the content and ideas surrounding our mission. Negative personal comment on individuals is not appropriate and will not be published on this site. There are lots of way of thinking about and engaging with gender, so please respect others’ approaches during the dialogue.

Blog Posts

Opinion pieces should be engaging, well written with a wide audience in mind. They should be brief and succinct including a balance of anecdote, speculation and thought provoking questions with meaningful and related themes. We welcome a wide range of approaches and topics, but all should in some way address conjunctions of architecture and equitable practice. Please contact us with a brief proposal for initial discussion.

Other content

We are happy to consider other work in a range of genres, including visual material, and also to publish longer academic and research based pieces where appropriate. Please contact us with a brief proposal for initial discussion.

If you have ideas for for other sections and approaches you would like to see on this site, please let us know!

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be well-written and edited, as we have limited resources for editing texts. Please take time to review your work for grammar and typos prior to sending.

Please supply images to accompany texts as appropriate. These should include captions and credits and should have been cleared for copyright.

Please also include a few words about yourself.