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Monthly meetings are generally the last Thursday of the month. Come join the discussion and let us know your thoughts! Please post special event reminders as well.

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Living Future Conference 2016: MasterSpeaker Rosa Sheng

Living Future 2016: Truth + Transparency: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation

Join Rosa Sheng for a special MasterSpeaker workshop on May 13th.


Why Equity in Architecture Matters: A new value proposition for sustainable design. 

Architectural practice is prone to lose talent to other career paths due to many factors that challenge retention; long hours, low pay, lack of transparency for promotion and work that is misaligned with career goals. Beyond sustainability of the built environment, equitable practice shapes a new value proposition. It supports the retention of human resources, as well as the creation of socially just and ecologically sound environments. The results of the 2014 Equity in Architecture Survey coupled with an interactive discussion will encourage the development of best practices for increasing diversity, expanding career opportunities with socially and environmentally conscious design.