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Intersectionality / Intercultural Intelligence Workshop 2.0

  • AIA San Francisco 130 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA, 94104 United States (map)
Photo by Wanda Lau

Photo by Wanda Lau

Back by popular demand, we will reconvene our discussion on Intersectionality and Intercultural Intelligence as essential skills towards advancing equitable practice and more successful design outcomes in the built environment.

Stay tuned for Workshop Panelists in the coming weeks. We will also bring out the Intersectionality Role Plays scenarios to hone our skills for greater understanding.

Intersectionality—a theory by renowned civil rights expert and law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw that social categorizations such as race, class, and gender interconnect and create overlapping and interdependent systems of disadvantage—is a fundamental framework for rethinking and redesigning power structures after #MeToo.

Intercultural Intelligence - Intercultural intelligence, or ICI, is a term that is used for the capability to function effectively in culturally diverse settings and consists of different dimensions (metacognitivecognitivemotivational and behavioral) which are correlated to effectiveness in global environment (cultural judgement and decision making, cultural adaptation and task performance in culturally diverse settings).[1]


This 1.5 hour session will be learning about the evolving mindset of intersectionality and intercultural intelligence in advancing equitable practice. We will explore the theory of intersectionality and understand its importance in disrupting bias and the erasure of complex identities - (ie., mixed race, transgender/gender queer, etc). We will also learn about the theory of intercultural intelligence, which creates a framework for developing understanding, empathy and importance of understanding the complexity of culture in a context beyond race/ethnicity. We will shape the session around relevant storytelling of intersectional identities and then have a workshop Role/Play to directly explore how intersectionality and intercultural intelligence can inform equity activism, encourage dialogue, and promote inclusivity.

Agenda - Forthcoming

Registration - Will be opening in April