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AIA CACX 2019: Equity by Design Featured

AIA Connecticut Architecture Conference and Expo 2019 will feature Rosa T. Sheng, FAIA and Annelise Pitts, AIA https://aiact.org/2019-conference-and-expo/

Friday September 13, 9-10am

Equity by Design: Voices, Values, Vision

Courtesy of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Courtesy of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

The 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey, created and executed by AIA San Francisco's Equity by Design Committee with research partner ACSA, generated the largest knowndata set evaluating equity in architecture to date. The unprecedented collection of professional voices is the testimony that allows us to build a deeper understanding of our strengths as a profession, and to gain insight into the critical work needed to provide each individual within our field with opportunities to thrive. Join this session to learn more about the current state of architectural practice nationwide through key findings from the survey.

Presented by Annelise Pitts, AIA, Ming Thompson, AIA, IIDA; Emily Ky, AIA

Friday September 13, 12-2pm

Closing Keynote - Why Equity Matters: A New Value Proposition for Design


Designers, planners and architects hold an invaluable key to creating just, equitable, diverse and inclusive (JEDI) outcomes in the workplace and built environment at all scales. Designing safe, dignified, equitable and beautiful spaces for all is not a mutually exclusive proposition and requires an intersectional approach to advance the #JEDIagenda . What does it take to cultivate the next generation of design professionals with skills for empathy, awareness and intercultural intelligence?

Equity by Design has made incredible strides towards equitable practice with three groundbreaking surveys since 2014 that have launched a national movement in architecture and allied professions. In light of deep challenges and uncertainty within the profession, our communities, and the world, we remain steadfast and committed to our collective progress towards equity.

Equity is the work of minimizing barriers to maximize our potential for success. Equity by Design is focused on studying the root causes of a broken professional culture, creating just access for all, and giving everyone a fair chance to thrive. Working in collaboration with partners at all levels of practice, we need to champion the difficult conversations and initiate the important work that still needs to be undertaken to further advancements in equitable practice and design impact.

Presented by Rosa T. Sheng, FAIA