EQxD Alliance

The Equity Alliance

The Equity Alliance is envisioned as a platform to promote the conversation of equitable practice in architecture and allied professions in the built environment. As we share resources, including a larger community of voices to the conversation, we gain insight and momentum from the those who have come before us and efforts yet to be undertaken.

One of our most important initiatives in 2015 is to create a strong connection with non-profit organizations dedicated to achieving Equitable Practice in Architecture and support our the AEC Community to advance the recruitment, retention, promotion and recognition of the diversity of talent. The benefits of joining forces are full of potential:

  • Engage and Collaborate on Initiatives with a larger community.
  • Sharing Program Ideas/Support
  • Sharing Research, Equitable Guides and Tools 
  • Build a Strong Voice for Advocacy
  • Build effective Communication for Events and Campaigns 

We are currently in the process of reaching out to the organizations to begin the conversation about the possibilities of The Equity Alliance. Please provide contact information below as we collect the database of non-profit organizations within the AEC Community interested in the EQxD Alliance initiative. 

If your group is not shown below and you would like to join The Equity Alliance, please contact us below!

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