EQxDV Plus One


Plus One

Would you like to increase access to the Equity by Design Symposium and connect with young professionals?

Be a Plus One Registration Sponsor. Buy an additional ticket** to the Symposium along with your own. Equity by Design will select a slate of Students and Emerging Professionals who are passionate advocates for equitable practice to attend the Symposium courtesy of the Plus One Sponsors. At the Symposium, we encourage you to host your recipient for the day to compare notes, share about your careers, and get inspired.

To participate,

  1. Select an additional registration to the Symposium.
  2. Write in your own name as attendee and write ‘Plus One’ in the RSVP comments section.
  3. Select any breakout sessions you like (Once Plus One Recipients are selected, they can customize the breakouts)

That’s it! Once your recipient has been matched, we will update the information in the ticketing system with their information. You’ll receive an email introducing you both. You can take it from there!

**Plus One+ Sponsoring multiple registrations is also very much encouraged. Just repeat the process above for as many tickets as you would like. You can choose to act as host for the day for all recipients, bring along colleagues or friends to participate, or we can match additional individual hosts for a one on one experience.