EQxDV Values Panel

VALUES | Data Presentation and Panel Discussion

1:00 -2:00pm |  Auditorium


Within a broad diversity of identities and experiences, we come together to find the common ground in our core values. This year we will explore how they guide us in choosing our collaborators, shaping our work culture, and cultivating our design leadership to make the most lasting impact within our communities. This session will explore the 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey results through the lens of values.

How do our values shape our workplaces, and how does that help or hinder individuals? What can be done to reinforce our values in the workplace?  We will also explore how we can “walk the talk” and communicate our worth as engaged citizens and as architects and leaders. Lastly, we uphold the values of equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect as an integrated approach in our design work that deeply resonates for individuals, practices, clients, and our communities.  

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