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1. Who should attend the #EQxDV Symposium?

Architects, Engineers, Contractors, or anyone interested in the topic of Equity in Architecture or Equitable Practice in the workplace, regardless of gender. We also celebrate and support diversity of our profession. Please encourage your colleagues at all levels of practice to attend.

2. What is included with the registration fee?

General Registration includes Opening Reception on 11/2, The symposium sessions w/ lunch and refreshments on 11/3, and the Closing Reception after the symposium in the same location. All other activities such as EQxDine-abouts and additional workshops are NOT included in the general registration fee and must be purchased separately. 

3. What are EQxDine-About Dinners?

  • EQxDine-About Dinners are hosted by local participants who book reservations at area restaurants.

  • Symposium participants can sign up during Registration to share interest and dates desired - prior to the event for Friday and/or Saturday evenings after the reception.

  • EQxDine-About Participants will be contacted to confirm host, time and location.

  • EQxDine-About Dinners are voluntary and not included with general registration fees. Each person pays for their own meal, drinks, tax & gratuities. 

4. Is there a designated hotel for the event?

There are no hotels currently reserved for the event. There are several options in the travel page.

5. Will the Survey Information be available so that I can share it with my firm, local AIA Chapter, etc?

The survey findings will be available in 2019 as a full report and interactive slide show for sharing.

6. I tried to Register but the event appears to be sold-out. Is there a wait-list?

We do anticipate that the event will sell out before the end of September. If this happens, we will start a wait list and will contact you should there be a cancellation.