What's your INSPIRE% Story? [01] Rosa & Lilian's StoryCorps Adventure

With our 2015 INSPIRE% initiative, we are kicking of "Podcasts" as a new way to share inspirational storytelling of women and men who have overcome challenges in their Architectural career journeys. In Episode [01], a "pilot" to see if we can build on this idea, Rosa and Lilian agree on a dare and recorded their story. 


It's rare in life when you find your passion and have the courage to pursue it. It is even more rare when you find someone that shares the same passion, visionary goals and sticks with you through the roller coaster ride to make it all happen. I am fortunate to have found my TM32PP/Equity by Design doppleganger in my Co-Chair Lilian Asperin-Clyman.

I was supposed to meet Lilian over 12 years ago. A mutual friend of ours mentioned that we both lived in the same town, both Architects, and was confident that we would get along famously. We acknowledged needing to make the connection, but for whatever reason, it never happened. Years and years went by and it took going to a SCUP Pacific Regional Conference in Denver in the spring of 2013. Shortly after when I had committed to eating a rather large "Equity Whale", Lilian was there at the first meeting, she kept showing up, asking how she could help. She quickly and soon after became by trusted Co-Chair for The Missing 32% Project. This past year, we have accomplished so much with The Missing 32% Project and Lilian has been there with me every step of the way; sometimes challenging me to stretch out of my comfort zone, sometimes a willing accomplice for what seamed like a crazy idea, sometimes inching me close to the edge of the"cliff" of the unknown; daring me to peer over for a look and always there to rally the group of passionate volunteers that formed our amazing TM32PP committee this past year. 

In December, we had dared each other to go on a new adventure. We committed to sharing a "podcast" about what inspired us to want to be Architects, our friendship, and our inspiration for launching The Missing 32% Project. In a timely way, Dave Isay founder of Storycorps won the TED prize for 2015. While "Story" is in the name, Isay sees StoryCorps as primarily about listening. "Listening is generosity", he says. "Listening to someone else closely is one of the most valuable gifts we an give to another human being" We decided to "listen" to each other's story through StoryCorps as our goals aligned with Isay's "to inspire people, helping them focus on what's important in life; creating connections with one another that ultimately help us recognize our shared humanity." 

If you would like to share your story in a podcast type format, there are multiple ways to record your story and submit for curation to share on our website. StoryCorps provides free options to record your story. You can go to a sponsored sound booth (San Francisco,Chicago, Atlanta) or you can DIY a recording via the Storycorps website instructions. 

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