Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

AIA WIA / Equity Group Toolkit

If you are a group that is interested in starting a group focused on equitable practice or supporting women in architecture, you can access a toolkit that was developed by AIA Diversity Council members to assist component chapters with this interest.


Continuing Education Online:

AIAU Work, Life, Meaning & Success: Why flexibility in Architecture Works 1 AIA LU


Through recent research, Work-life flexibility has emerged a key element of defining success for men and women in large and small firms. Flexibility is likely the most important, and easiest concrete measure firms can implement. This course will show both the how and why flexibility is essential to retain talent.

Learning objectives

  • State the connection between flexibility and employee satisfaction
  • Identify the top rated employer provided benefits that contribute to work-life flexibility
  • Recognize case studies of architecture firms who have implemented flexibility and reported a positive impact on the culture of their firm
  • Explain why flexibility is an issue for both men and women


Be your own best advocate

by Deborah M. Kolb 

Harvard Business Review article with tacticle negotiation skills: Recognize, Prepare, Initiate, Navigate.