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There has been much discussion raised about "Why are women leaving Architecture? and more broadly, Why is the profession losing key talent?"  Both women and men practitioners are disillusioned by the myth of work/life balance: Women are grappling with "have it all" expectations of juggling family time with the demands of full-time work.  Men are struggling to support their families solely on an architect's salary and fall back on asking spouses to maintain their jobs. The lack of affordable childcare and high cost of living only magnifies the challenges.  How did we end up in this modern family dilemma? What can we do to improve the situation?

Innovating Licensure: Creating a new Value Proposition for Architects

A critical part of the Equity equation hinges upon the complex process and costs for obtaining Licensure. This is compounded further by the erosion of real and perceived incentives for weathering the currently arduous process.  NCARB by Numbers 2014 provides a glimpse at where the pinch points occur for candidates. Our early survey results highlight that beyond pragmatic challenges with the licensure process over the last 15 years, the crux of the problem lies in the current lack of a clear Value Proposition for becoming a licensed architect.

For some there is a sense that the process is insurmountable, while others practice award winning architecture under the licenses of their firms with no tangible incentives for licensure. In what ways is the current process changing for IDP and ARE? Beyond the process, how can we create a new value proposition for architects and the profession at large?  How can we as individuals, firms and the profession provide immediate as well as long term incentives clear to the unlicensed and emerging professionals?

Equity by Design attendees who sign up for this Break Out session will assess current attitudes towards licensure, brainstorm new models of valuing licensed professionals and develop equitable tools for achieving it. Our featured presenters for this important conversation include Ashley Hinton of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Kimberly Tuttle, AIA of NCARB, Anne Torney, AIA of Mithun.

At this time General Registration is Full. If you would like to attend, please sign up for the wait list and we will let you know by 10/3 if there is space available.


Ashley Hinton

Architect, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Ashley leads by example as a part of a new generation of millennial young architects. As the youngest licensed Architect at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Ashley completed her IDP hours and the ARE Examinations 2 years and 3 months after earning her professional degree from Rice University. As part of Rice's Preceptor Program, Ashley spent a year working at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. She also had several internships during her undergraduate years at Rice.  Ashley has had a variety of project...
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Kimberly Tuttle AIA

Outreach Manager, Internship + Education, NCARB

Kimberly is the Outreach Manager, Internship + Education at NCARB. In this position she helps support and guide the education and internship continuum as it evolves with the architecture profession. Tuttle previously held the position of project architect for a small firm in Camden, Maine. She has seven years of architectural design experience, and has worked for several firms in midcoast Maine. Her projects varied from single family residential projects to light commercial restaurants...
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Anne Torney, AIA

Partner, Mithun

Anne Torney is an architect who has made affordable multi-family housing and transit-oriented urban infill the focus of her work for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Mithun, Anne was a Principal and Director of Housing at the multi-disciplinary San-Francisco-based architectural design firm Daniel Solomon Design Partners, where she has led award-winning projects in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Seattle, WA. | She brings a deep commitment to community outreach and...
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