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There has been much discussion raised about "Why are women leaving Architecture? and more broadly, Why is the profession losing key talent?"  Both women and men practitioners are disillusioned by the myth of work/life balance: Women are grappling with "have it all" expectations of juggling family time with the demands of full-time work.  Men are struggling to support their families solely on an architect's salary and fall back on asking spouses to maintain their jobs. The lack of affordable childcare and high cost of living only magnifies the challenges.  How did we end up in this modern family dilemma? What can we do to improve the situation?

Meet the #EQxDM3 Thought Leaders and Keynote Speaker!

AIASF Equity by Design is excited to present our diverse group of Thought Leaders who will be contributing their expertise and experience to the Equity conversation on October 28 + 29th . We had an incredible list of talented professionals submit for the program and it was a difficult decision to come up with the final list. Regardless, we encourage everyone to join us for our 4th Symposium -  Equity by Design: Metrics, Meaning & Matrices. Find out more about each of them and the sessions they will be participating for October 28 + 29, 2016.


Featured Keynote Speaker

In her tenure as the founder of the 3% Conference, Kat Gordon is well versed and experiences at how to be an agent of change in Advertising, where only 3% of creative directors were women. Launched on September 27, 2012 in San Francisco, the 3% Conference has exploded into a 2-day, 800-person event in New York City, multi-city road shows throughout the year, a vibrant online community on multiple social platforms, a student scholarship fund, a creative award, and a business blog to support the crusade.

Kat Gordon's presentation is timely as a launchpad for our next chapter. By recalling her personal journey as an agent for change, Kat will share the key aspects of change leadership - transforming key discussions into strategic actions to affect the lasting outcomes that we desire for Equity in Architecture movement.

Introducing our #EQxDM3 Though Leaders

Joining our Keynote Speaker, Equity by Design Core Team, and AIASF Leadership, is a group of talented leaders, academics, and practitioners in the Equity movement both locally, nationally and abroad. We welcome you to join them in what promises to be an interactive and motivating day. Click here to find out more our Thought Leaders and their sessions on October 28 and 29th.